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Tweak makes your life easy at every step.

Tweak helps you sell. We both win if your clients use Tweak, so we're anxious to help you get the sale. As we work to improve Tweak, we make sure to add features and benefits that help you convince your client this is the right CMS for them.

Hook 'Em With Free Plans

Although content management systems are in high-demand, there are still a few crazy clients out there who are skeptical. No problem. Set them up on a free Tweak plan to give them a taste. Once they're hooked, you can work on getting them to upgrade to a paid plan.

Free plans are great for working with non-profits and other cash-strapped entities (like your brother-in-law who wants you to create a site for his 'genius' business idea). You may not mind hooking them up with a site for cheap, but the last thing you want is to be on call (for free) for every little content update they'll need.


No Commitment

When you commit to a hosted CMS, you're usually locked in to using the system for the life of your website. This is because your website is actually stored and hosted from within their CMS.

Good news: Tweak is different.

Tweak manages website files; it doesn't own them. Your clients' websites can be hosted anywhere, on any server. If your client cancels their Tweak account, their website will continue to work the way it always has.


Install Nothing

Tweak requires zero installation. Your clients can manage their website content using any modern browser. No Java or Active-X plugins are necessary.


Host Anywhere

Most hosted CMS products require that your site is hosted on the vendor's servers. For clients who could care less where their site is hosted, this isn't a big deal. But if you've ever worked with a Fortune 500 company, a government office, or even a controlling IT-person, you'll know that legitimate businesses need hosting freedom.

Tweak lets your clients host anywhere they'd like.


Leverage Web Standards

Web standards are gaining traction. Your savviest clients are going to want to know that their site will be standards compliant. With Tweak in your back pocket you can assure them that standards are supported at every step, including template creation, content insertion, and site publication.

Tweak even features built-in code formatting functionality to make sure code is neatly indented for those who just have to View Source.


Use Any Platform

Because you can host Tweak websites anywhere, you can also host them on any platform. Have a client that needs .NET technologies and another who insists on LAMP hosting? No problem. Tweak supports all platforms.

You can even mingle server-side code into websites to connect to databases, web services, or integrate with other third-party systems.

Pretty flexible huh?


SEO Friendly

Clients love talking about SEO. When you're making the sale, let them know that Tweak gives them everything they need to succeed, including META tag management, standards-compliance, flat-file publishing, SEO-friendly URLs, and full support for the Sitemap Protocol.