A bird in the hand. Priority one is keeping existing clients happy. Tweak offers the features and functionality you need to make sure your hard work winning that client doesn't go to waste. We want you and your clients around for a long, long time.

Keep Your Brand Visible

Your brand needs to be in front of your clients as much as possible. You're the one helping them succeed, after all.

Tweak is 100% rebrandable, including images and colors, so your clients see your brand every time they make website updates.


Get Friendly Support

As intuitive as Tweak is, both you and your clients will occasionally need some help. We're here to support you at every step.


Automatic Billing

With automatic, recurring billing your clients don't have to decide each month whether or not they want to write you a check. Once clients get accustomed to a recurring charge on their credit card statements, they're unlikely to question it which means they'll stay your client for a long time.


Reskin Sites Easily

Let your clients know that you've built their site on a CMS that makes redesigns extremely easy. Content is completely separate from presentation so all you need to do is update their templates and CSS files when they're ready for a refresh.


Get Regular CMS Updates

By choosing a hosted CMS, you've given your clients a system that is constantly improving and evolving to meet their demands and keep up with technology. We regularly update the system to fix bugs and add new features.


Access All Client Sites From Your Dashboard

Your reseller account gives you quick access to all of your clients' sites, including one-click login to any client account.


Get Real SEO Results

Tweak gives you and your clients the tools you need to do serious SEO.


Leverage Web Standards

Using web standards means your clients' sites are as future-proof as possible. That means they're going to get the most mileage possible from the site you designed and built. And when they're ready for a new site? You better believe they're going to want to work with you again.