Standards all the way. We won't lie. It would have been easier to build a template system that requires you to use server-side scripting or some home-grown set of tokens. But we're pretty fond of web standards so we insisted on allowing you to create templates that can be validated even after you've made them Tweak-ready.

Use Any Platform

Need to use PHP on a site? Have another client who needs .NET technologies? Doing some ColdFusion work? Tweak works with any platform by publishing website files to the hosting server of your choice.

Tweak can also publish website files in any file extension, such as .html, .shtml, .php, .php3, .aspx, .jsp, etc.


Create Standards-Compliant Templates

It's a tragedy to spend time creating valid, standards-compliant markup to then have a CMS force you to use a bunch of tokens or scripts that invalidate your code. What good is starting with valid code if converting it to a CMS template invalidates it? And what if you need to re-validate your code after converting it to a CMS template?

Tweak uses pure XHTML and CSS for templating, and that means your code is valid from start to finish.


Host Anywhere

Using a CMS shouldn't mean you're locked into one particular hosting platform. Some of your clients may need Windows hosting and others may need Linux hosting. You certainly have your preferred platform, but wouldn't it be nice to have one CMS that can support all platforms?

Tweak publishes website files via FTP to any server, anywhere, regardless of the platform. All Tweak needs is an FTP or SFTP connection.


Integrate With Web Services, Databases, Etc.

Using a hosted CMS usually means you lose the ability to do really custom, complex stuff. Not so with Tweak.

Tweak publishes website files to the hosting server of your choice which means your clients' website files can be integrated with other systems as needed. You can also include server-side code in your templates or in page content to connect to databases, web services, or APIs as needed.


Optimize for Search Engines

Tweak gives you and your clients the SEO capabilities you need, including support for web standards, META tag management, and Sitemap Protocol support.


Develop For Free

A 60-day grace period on paid plans gives you ample time to build sites without paying anything out of your own pocket. On free plans, of course, you can develop at no cost and your clients can manage their site at no cost too.