You should call the shots. For a hosted CMS, Tweak gives you unprecedented control. You control every aspect of hosting your clients' sites.

Host Anywhere

With Tweak, you get to decide where to host your websites. We can certainly take care of the hosting if you're looking for a turnkey solution, or you can setup hosting on your own servers, your client's servers, or with any other hosting vendor in the world.

Like we said...anywhere.


Keep Your Website

Tweak is a hosted application that makes managing your website a breeze. It doesn't hold your website hostage, though. If you decide to quit using Tweak, you keep your website as-is.

Our innovative architecture means we don't have to lock you into our system like other hosted CMS vendors.


Install Nothing

No installation means you can get a website off the ground quickly and easily. Host the website anywhere you like, regardless of the hosting platform technology. And your clients can use a PC, a Mac, or a Linux OS to make website edits.


Control Your Uptime

In the unlikely event the Tweak system goes down, your website won't go down with it because of Tweak's innovative host-anywhere capabilities. Other hosted systems tie your website to the CMS tool itself, which means if it goes down, every website it manages will go down with it. That's a risk we don't think you should have to take.


Use Any Platform

Tweak can publish files in HTML, PHP, ASP, CFM, or any other format, including XML. That means you can build websites using whatever technology you need.


Serve Pages Lightning-Fast

Most hosted CMS products serve your web pages out of their system's database. That means every time a visitor hits a page on your site, a query has to run against their CMS database. And every other client's site is doing the same thing which means your site might slow down due to another client's high-traffic site.

Tweak not only lets you host your website files anywhere you want (including on a big, nasty beowulf cluster if needed) but Tweak also lets you publish flat files that are far more efficient to load than their database-driven counterparts.