Tweak works with you, not against you. The last thing you need as a designer is to be restricted by a content management system. Tweak gives you unlimited latitude to express your creativity and to design the site your client needs.

Rebrand Tweak As Your Own CMS

Keep your brand front-and-center with your clients at all times, even when they're updating their website.

Tweak lets you fully rebrand the user interface by setting a custom domain name, uploading a full header graphic (not just a logo), and customizing the colors used throughout the system.


Be As Creative As You Want

Designing for Tweak couldn't be easier. Tweak is supremely flexible and can handle your most creative creativity.

All you need to do is identify the areas of your design that should be editable by the client. From there, you or a programmer just adds a few CSS classes to the code.


Decide How Much Clients Can Edit

Sure, you could hand over a pile of HTML files and tell your client to manage the content, but the fact that you're even reading this page means you know it's best that your client has an intuitive CMS to use.

To make things simple for your client, Tweak lets you identify the areas of the site that the client needs to be able to modify. The rest stays safe and secure so that they don't mess it up.


Keep Your Design Intact

After all the heart and soul you put into designing a website, it breaks your heart to see your work ruined when it gets into the client's hands. So much for the awards you were going to win.

You know they'll make the logo bigger if you let them edit it. Tweak lets you control which areas of the site your client can edit so that your design stays intact.