Content is king. This is where the rubber meets the road. You've spent hours designing and programming a site and now it's time to flow in the content. With easy point-and-click functionality, workflow features, and content-reuse capabilities, Tweak's going to be your best friend.

Create WYSIWYG Content

Our industry-standard WYSIWYG editor makes it easy for you and your clients to enter content without knowing HTML. It's a lot like using Word or another word-processing system which makes editing easy for novices, but also features a code view for those who are savvy enough to write their own HTML.


Divide The Workload

If multiple people are responsible for managing content, Tweak's multi-user capabilities allow you and your clients to divide responsibilities and keep track of who's doing what.

Assign editing, publishing, and administrative roles to each user to ensure everyone knows their place. Track changes by requiring users to enter comments when they make updates.


Reuse Content

Sometimes content repeats across multiple pages, as in the case of a footer. Tweak lets you define bits of content that are reusable so that you can edit once and update everywhere, just like server-side includes.


Manage Asset Files

Easily manage website assets like images, Flash files, documents, and multimedia files. Files are organized in a handy library and ready to be inserted on any page with just a couple of clicks.


Get The SEO You Need

Tweak lets you manage META tag information globally as well as on a per-page basis. Website changes are automatically reported to Google via the Sitemap Protocol. And support for web standards means your website code is lean, mean, and search-engine-spider friendly.