Learn how it's done.

Don't worry. Tweak requires minimal training to use.

Use pure XHTML and CSS, that's all

No garbage in your templates.

Other systems require server-scripting or tokens. Tweak sticks with standards. XHTML + CSS does the job.

Documentation is borrrrrring. We spared you the pain and built a system that is so easy to use you'll rarely need documentation. But it's here if you do. We also have support and FAQ resources available to make sure that you and your clients are well cared for.

Creating Tweak templates

Tweak makes creating templates a breeze. All you need is XHTML and CSS. No tokens, no server-side scripts, nada. Just standards-compliant markup. And it'll stay standards-compliant at every step, thanks to Tweak's innovative technology.

We've got template documentation, sample code, and a handy cheat sheet available to make things easy.

View the Tweak templating documentation


Getting support

It hurts a little bit to admit that Tweak isn't perfect and that you might need some support. But, the reality is, we're still perfecting it so in the meantime, we also offer you friendly support to help you and your clients.

Visit the Tweak Reseller Support site


Reseller Knowledge Base/FAQ

Have a question? There's a good chance someone else has already asked us the same question so check out our Knowledge Base/FAQ to get quick answers.

View the Reseller Knowledge Base/FAQ