The CMS for resellers.

Brand it. Sell it. Tweak was made for resellers.

The only hosted CMS that loves you enough to let you go

Breaking up is (not so) hard to do.

Your CMS shouldn't control your hosting. You need freedom, security, and reliability. CMS vendors that force you to host with them are none of these. If their CMS goes down, your site goes down. If you find a better CMS, you lose your website by switching. Tweak is different. Cancel your account at any time and lose nothing.


When a typical CMS is hacked, your website is compromised. Our CMS is independent of your site so security risks are nil.


Get as creative as you want with your design. Tweak can handle the complexity without requiring you to make sacrifices in creativity.


Already have hosting? Ours is the only hosted CMS that lets you publish client sites to Linux or Windows servers anywhere in the world.


Earn a cut, if you bring enough volume. We handle support, transactions, and everything else. You just kick back and count your cash.


Create standards-compliant templates using pure XHTML + CSS. No custom tokens, tags, or server-side scripting are required.

Rebrandable CMS

Your brand is always front-and-center.

  • Custom URL
  • Your header/logo
  • Your color scheme
  • White-label support